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Germs, raw fish, and peanuts


I survived my first few weeks of teaching! I wasn’t sure this would happen during my first day, but the week went by fast and I love my students. Though I have been sick all weekend and I am pretty sure it is because I am spending way too much time with germy kids.
I am now officially known as Stephanie Teacher! I spend my mornings with two different kindy classes. My first class consists of three 3 and 4 year olds, Flora, Ace, and Annie.

Annie, Ace & Flora

They are super cute, and really smart. I was pretty surprised by the amount of English they speak, read and write. They are definitely more advanced then Canadian kids who are this age. It probably has something to do with them being at school for 6 hours a day. While they are cute it can be difficult to get kids this young to sit still and listen. Flora almost had me going crazy by lunch on my first day, she is cute but she definitely has a mind of her own. I hear she likes to break in new teachers, and she is doing just that.

My next morning class has six 5 and 6 year olds. They are great kids. I am teaching them, grammar, phonics, reading, math, and science. On top of that, every month we have a sort of joint birthday party for everyone who had a birthday that month. Every class must have a dance to perform in front of the school for the party, right now I am teaching these kids a dance from the Muppets, it should be interesting to say the least.


I must say, after these first couple weeks of teaching I have now decided that my favorite person that ever lived is the person that invented stickers. Who knew that stickers could be such a great way to bribe small children, it’s amazing.

My afternoon classes consist of little kids who know very little English and older kids aged seven to about thirteen. They are great kids and I like teaching them, though it is hard to keep them focused since they are in school all the time. Older kids in Korea go to public school all day then they come to our English school, and a lot of the time they go to other schools after ours. So I don’t blame them for their lack of attention.

This past week we went on a field trip with all of the kindy kids. We went peanut picking. It was super fun and the kids really enjoyed it. I found it interesting that when I worked with kids in Canada I wasn’t allowed to eat peanuts near kids, but in Korea we pick them. I guess they don’t have crazy peanut allergies here.

Yesterday I fought through my sickness and made my way to the Jagalchi fish market with some coworkers and a friend from Ottawa.
Me, Jennifer, Nichole, Lena, Sarah

All I have to say is that I was happy that I was not sick with anything stomach related because the smell walking into the fish market was overwhelming. It was definitely an experience though, watching the Adjumas (old ladies) trying to stop the crabs from walking away, and the fish cut open drying out on wooden hangers. The outside market seemed to be where people could buy fish to bring home, the inside market is where you pick your lunch. I of course was wearing flip flops which was a terrible idea, it was pretty much impossible to walk through the market, I simply skated through the market holding my friends hand while Koreans pointed, laughed, and said random things in Korean. Apparently they don’t see people wear flip flops to the market very often. After walking around we were hungry so we set out to find our lunch. We decided on octopus, and the fishes pictured below.

It was kind of sad to pick our lunch while it was still swimming, but it was delicious! All of the fish was raw, including the octopus. Though the octopus was the only one that was still moving while we ate it. Here is a video of our lunch waiting to be eaten...

It was so weird; the octopus was squirming around on my chopsticks, it made not playing with your food an impossible task. Here is a before and after shot of Sarah and I eating octopus. Notice the excitement before hand and the shock/disgust after the first few bites.



Anyways that is all for now. I had my doctor’s visit over a week ago now so I should be getting my alien card soon, and with an alien card I can get Internet so I will be able to update more often.

Miss you all
Steph xoxo

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