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Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. My Christmas was great. It was tough to be away from home but I had great friends to spend a nice relaxing Christmas weekend with. My friend Anuska hosted a Christmas Eve dinner for all of our friends, I am still not sure how we all fit in the apartment but we did, and we had a great night.


Here is my promised update on the children who I am spending most of my time with while here in Korea. We have gone on numerous field trips, celebrated many birthdays and holidays, and as much as they can drive me nuts I love these kids so much. It is weird so soon after finishing school, no one is giving me tests anymore and I am now the one giving them, I must say I much prefer the giving then the receiving. While it is tough to be thrown into teaching with very little training it is a great way to learn, you very quickly realize what works and doesn’t work in the classroom.

Christmas Party

Without snow and cold weather I wasn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit this past week until we had our Christmas party with the kids. They don’t really celebrate Christmas like we do at home, it seems to be more of a holiday spent with friends or significant others. Even though most kids don’t celebrate Christmas at home they were all super excited to have an ECC Christmas, a lot of my kids thought actual Christmas fell on the day of the party. It was so much fun to see their excitement throughout the day. We decorated Christmas cakes, which was fun but resulted in me being absolutely covered in frosting. Afterwards we all put on some Christmas performances and the kids got to meet Santa. It was a really fun day and definitely got me in the Christmas mood.


Sports Day

Sports day was so much fun. A bunch of the ECC schools got together and participated in competitions and games. The parents came as well, which was nice because I had never met or seen many of my student’s parents. There was a lot of competitiveness, which I have learned is pretty normal with the Korean children. After seeing the parents compete at sports day I quickly saw where they developed their competitive nature. We spent a couple weeks before learning some dances to perform on sports day, I have never learned so many ridiculous dances in such a short period of time, but it was a lot of fun. It was so great to see the kids having so much fun… and being kids, which is something there isn’t a lot of time for here in Korea.



Halloween is another holiday that isn’t really celebrated in Korea. Since it is seen as an English holiday here, most English schools have a Halloween party. A lot of the kids were dressed up as scream, wizards, and witches, which was not surprising since it is impossible to find a costume here. My friends and I resorted to making our own the night before Halloween. It was fun to see the kids dressed up they looked super cute.


Birthday Party

Birthday party is a monthly event at ECC. Everyone gets together in the playroom where the children who had a birthday during the month stand at the front telling everyone what they want to be when they are older (the answer is always a cook) then they receive gifts from all of their classmates and everyone puts on a little show for them. Each class has to learn a song and dance to perform. It is pretty cute to watch all the kids dance, though I feel like a stage mom from toddlers and tiaras standing in the background doing the dance so they don’t forget the steps. The site won't let me upload videos right now, but once it does I will post some of the dances I have taught my kids.

Here are a few things I have learned from my kids…

1. a teacher makes an awesome jungle gym
2. the number two should NEVER look like a backwards six
3. making the number four look like a flag is completely unacceptable
4. the number eight is not a snowman (needless to say in my first month of work I quickly had to change the way I wrote half of my numbers)
5. having no shame makes you a better teacher
6. because I said so is a reason
7. stickers can get children to do anything you want and candy gets it done faster
8. the quiet game is a game… and it works!

I absolutely love teaching and I wish all of you could come here and meet my friends and my students. Month four in Korea has just begun and I am sure it will be just as great as the first three. I have booked a trip to China for Lunar New Years with five of my friends, it is going to be amazing! I hope you all have a wonderful New Years. I miss every one a lot!

Steph xoxo

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